Nissin Cup Noodles Seafood (Mini 40g) Review

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Seafood has always been a crowd-favorite for Nissin Cup Noodles around the world even before the whole Korean food began. Even with thousands of instant noodle variants in the market, the Nissin Cup Noodles seafood flavor still remains as one of the top choices especially in Asia.

The Look


The inside of the Nissin Cup Noodle Seafood Flavor Mini variant

The Nissin Cup Noodles Seafood flavor comes in two variants: 40g and 60g. There is just a small price difference between the two, but the larger one will surely be better for those who want to get the most value.

One good thing about this particular variant is that the seasoning has already been spread throughout. There is no additional steps that concerns opening seasoning packets which makes it a good addition for outings and picnics. Only hot water is needed. As usual, there is an embedded line that indicates the recommended water level. Anything higher than that will only dilute the flavor. Anything lower will only strengthen the saltiness which is not recommendable.


The Nutrition

As always, cup noodles are not the best ones to eat when on a diet. Still, it packs quite the number of calories even for just the mini variant.

Calories: 180 calories

Carbs: 26 grams

Fat: 6 grams

Protein: 4 grams

In conclusion, it’s not the best choice for dieting. However, it can be used as emergency food for those who are currently bulking.


The Taste

Almost all of the seafood-flavored instant noodles taste the same, but the Nissin Cup Noodles variant seems to be the best-tasting of them all. It’s not too salty, but it’s not too bland either.

One caveat is that you cannot really taste the toppings such as the crabmeat and the supposed shrimp. That is expected since you are not really paying for a huge and authentic seafood meal.


What do you think of Nissin’s Seafood cup noodles?

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